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Antonino Salsone

Antonino Salsone
Antonino Salsone


Law degree obtained on 13.01.1995 from the University of Messina.


  • Qualification of barrister obtained in 1998.
  • Member of the Bar since 12.02.1999 – Tribunal of Monza – No. 1692.
  • Registered in the Register of Defence Counsels of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation since 29.04.2011.


  • From 20.01.1995 to 30.10.2000 collaboration with the Cristiano & Partners Law Firm.
  • From 1.11.2000 to 31.10.2002 collaboration with the Santamaria Law Firm, department of civil law and civil procedure law.
  • From 1.11.2002 to 31.07.2005 director and coordinator of the department of civil law and civil procedure law of the Santamaria Law Firm.
  • Since 1.09.2005 sole proprietor of the “Salsone Law Firm”.

Competencies and professional experience

  • Twenty years of experience and specialist competency accrued in the following areas of civil law: contract law, with particular reference to matters concerning obligations and civil liability (liability in contract and liability in tort, in particular in relation to health-related liability), commercial law, company law, protection of company finances and protection of the company’s financial capability, bankruptcy law and insolvency and enforcement procedures, arbitration law and ADR procedures.
  • Twenty years of experience and specialist competency accrued in civil procedure law and in the sector of litigations (out-of-court legal assistance and consultancy as well as in-court legal assistance and representation before Tribunals and Boards of Arbitration, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Cassation).
  • Provision of legal advisory services to several Public Bodies of the Provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza and Como, and to Multiutility gas and electricity companies,companies generating energy from photovoltaic and/or wind power systems, health service providers in the Lombardy region, companies operating in the construction and real estate sector, engineering companies, companies providing services in the field of labour control and safety in the workplace, companies operating in the sector of construction and sale of luxury residential fittings, companies operating sports centres.
  • Current member of the Monza Practicing Attorneys Bar.