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Policy Studio Legale Salsone

Policy Studio Legale Salsone

The Salsone Law Firm has stipulated a professional indemnity insurance policy No. 157209954.

The Law Firm treats personal data confidentially and in full compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code and in the matter of anti-money laundering.

The Law Firm periodically verifies, also in compliance with its Code of Ethics, the regulatory changes applied or imposed by technological evolution and, if necessary, promptly updates its policy.

The firm uses top-notch data storage systems and has a comprehensive and first-class library of both paper books and digital volumes.

The Law Firm stipulates contracts for the services rendered, clearly indicating, from the very beginning of the relationship, any costs and compensation that will be charged to the client.

The firm is part of a network of leading and prominent law firms specializing in various fields of law, which enables it, through the provision of out-of-court consultancy and in-court defence and representation, to provide clients with reliable and qualified legal advisory services, representation and defence services, also in the areas not directly covered by its attorneys (administrative law, environmental law, criminal law, tax law and labour law).