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The law firm

The law firm

The Salsone Law Firm, with offices in Monza, Milan and Rome, was established in 2005, as a result of a decade of experience accrued by Attorney Antonino Salsone.

The Salsone Law Firm relies on six highly skilled professionals and two secretaries with administrative functions.

The firm provides qualified and comprehensive in-court and out-of-court legal consultancy, assistance and representation services in civil and civil procedure law.

The firm has extensive experience and specialist competency in the following civil law areas:

  • contract law, with specific reference to matters concerning obligations and civil liability (liability in contract and liability in tort, in particular in relation to health-related liability)
  • commercial law
  • company law,
  • protection of company finances and protection of the company’s financial capability
  • bankruptcy law and insolvency and enforcement procedures
  • arbitration law
  • ADR procedures.

The firm has extensive experience and specialist competency in civil procedure law and in the sector of litigations (out-of-court legal assistance and consultancy as well as in-court legal assistance and representation before Tribunals and Boards of Arbitration, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Cassation).

For areas outside the direct expertise of its own attorneys (administrative law, environmental law, criminal law and labour law), the firm relies on trusted and highly qualified and prominent legal counsels of recognized academic standing, with whom it collaborates on an ongoing basis.

The firm provides legal professional services to several Public Bodies of the Provinces of Milan, Monza Brianza and Como, in addition to the following companies and/or cooperatives

  • Multiutility gas and electricity companies,
  • Companies generating energy from photovoltaic and/or wind power systems,
  • Health service providers in the Lombardy region,
  • Companies operating in the construction and real estate sector,
  • Engineering companies,
  • Companies providing services in the field of labour control and safety in the workplace,
  • Companies operating in the sector of construction and sale of luxury residential fittings,
  • Companies operating sports centres.

The Law Firm has a comprehensive and first-class reference library of both paper books and digital volumes, which allows its professionals to be constantly updated through their participation in high-quality specialist workshops and courses.

The mission of the Salsone Law Firm is to protect the rights of its clients and satisfy their needs. Solutions to any problem are therefore identified through the use of legal models that are specifically tailored and applied according to the requirements of the Clients, in accordance with the trust-based relationship and strictly in line with the applicable laws in force and professional ethics.