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The firm

The firm

Legal advice is the best prevention

The Salsone Law Firm, with offices in Monza and Milan, was established in 2005, as a result of a decade of experience accrued by Attorney Antonino Salsone.

The Salsone Law Firm relies on six highly skilled professionals and two secretaries with administrative functions.

The firm provides qualified and comprehensive in-court and out-of-court legal consultancy, assistance and representation services in civil and civil procedure law.

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Antonino Salsone

Avv. Antonino Salsone

The firm

Our services

Out-of-court legal assistance includes defence and legal advisory services provided in out-of-court disputes without going to court.
The Law Firm is tasked with assisting the client providing custom services.
This activity consists of drafting agreements that represent, regulate or terminate legal relationships, for the purpose of protecting the Client’s interests.
Injunctions are provided for by the law to protect creditors who can attach the assets held by the debtor.
Legal obligations are legal agreements entered into by two or more parties, creditor and debtor, based on which the debtor undertakes to perform a service in favour of the creditor.
Contract law regulates and refers to contracts entered into between economic players as well as to company deeds and activities.
Company law regulates the establishment, management and termination of business structures (companies, cooperatives, consortia, bodies).
Identification of the subject who suffers the cost for the infringement of a third party right.
Assistance and legal advice in real estate operations in Italy.
Insolvency procedures regulate relationships between the insolvent party – debtor and its creditors.
The bankruptcy procedure is a procedure through which all the assets held by an entrepreneur who is no longer in a position to regularly satisfy his obligations vis-à-vis his creditors, are subject to execution.
Contentious means any legal dispute which take place in a debate between the parties.
In the procedures for settling the over-indebtedness crisis, our aim is to achieve full release from our debts by means of an agreed payment.
The protection of capital includes the analysis and definition of strategies and legal deeds aimed at protecting the family assets; the company assets and the entrepreneur’s capital.
Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution procedure frequently used to settle civil and commercial disputes.

Our policy

The Salsone Law Firm has stipulated a professional indemnity insurance policy No. 157209954.

The Law Firm treats personal data confidentially and in full compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Code and in the matter of anti-money laundering.

The Law Firm periodically verifies, also in compliance with its Code of Ethics, the regulatory changes applied or imposed by technological evolution and, if necessary, promptly updates its policy.

The firm uses top-notch data storage systems and has a comprehensive and first-class library of both paper books and digital volumes.

Our policy

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